Nutrition for weight loss surgery

Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is a big deal. After you’ve made the decision to go ahead, found your surgeon and booked your surgery date, you now need to follow a very strict bariatric diet both before and after surgery.

A gastric sleeve diet or gastric band diet can be quite limited and restrictive, leaving you wondering what on earth you can eat that will be enjoyable. That’s where we can help!

At Forever After Recipes, we have loads of pre-op diet recipes and post-op diet recipes, so have your nutrition for weight loss surgery covered at every stage of your journey. We also add new bariatric recipes every single week.

This is vitally important, as ensuring your food is appealing will be key to you maintaining a life-long commitment to the bariatric diet.

Best of all, by providing your surgery date and diet phase days when signing up, you’ll see information that’s relevant to you right now. We’ll also send you a newsletter with tips, advice and other people’s experiences with the stage you’re about to enter, as well as our favourite recipes for that phase.

You’ll have our support – and the support of your peers via our discussion forum – the whole way.

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