More bariatric recipes means more variety

Forever After Recipes has been created by a bariatric patient for fellow bariatric patients.

Having found it difficult to find recipes to suit the different stages of pre-op and post-op diets after having a sleeve gastrectomy in September 2015 – with online searches continually leading me to the same six recipes, being re-used on many different websites – I decided to invest in two books dedicated to nutrition for weight loss surgery.

Despite spending more than $100, I found had very quickly used all the recipes that appealed to me.

Quickly realising I needed much greater variety, I started experimenting with some of my usual rotation. After I then posted several of the adapted recipes to an online support group, I found I was getting emails from other members of the group seeking recipes and ideas, so realised others had been struggling with the apparently extremely restrictive guidelines of a gastric sleeve diet or gastric band diet. Hence, the Forever After Recipes concept was born.

Given those who have this surgery are on the diet forever, I believe it is essential we can get creative and make sure we still enjoy our food!

At Forever After Recipes, we aim to help people worldwide who must forever change the way they eat due to weight loss surgery.

With an ever-growing array of recipes, tips and resources available to members, as well as an online community and support when you need it most, we endeavour to equip people with wholesome, (mostly) clean, healthy and delicious meals to see you through all the stages of your prescribed diet, and forever after.

With recipes specific to each of the gastric sleeve post-op diet stages – clear fluid, liquid, puree, soft foods and forever foods – as well as a selection of gastric sleeve pre-op diet options, designed to suit the requirements laid out by your dietician or surgeon, you’ll always find something to enjoy.

With new recipes being added every week, there’ll always be something new and exciting to try. You can also download your favourite recipes in PDF format if you want to create your own cookbook and by entering your surgery date and your diet phase days when signing up, we can ensure you’ll see always receive information that’s relevant to you at your stage of the journey.

We are here to help you, so if you find that your pre-surgery diet doesn’t suit any of the pre-set options on the site, or if you have an added post-surgery diet phase, simply email us at and we will direct you to the recipes that suit your needs, or create some new recipes for you.