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Nutrition for weight loss surgery represents a major change in how we eat, both before and after surgery – forever! Without support, this is a very difficult thing to do.

There are lots of books written with the gastric sleeve diet or gastric band diet in mind. Although they have potential to be a great resource, unfortunately the books are very limited – once you’ve been through them and picked out the recipes you like, there’s not much else to do with them. And they can be expensive.

Forever After Recipes sources and adds recipes weekly, so the database of both gastric sleeve pre-op diet and gastric sleeve post-op diet recipes is always growing.

We’ll also offer you support and encouragement throughout your bariatric diet journey, with emails, updates and discussion boards for connecting with your peers, which no book can do.

With your lifetime subscription to Forever After Recipes, you get access to all of this ... forever after. All for just $49.95 (AUD).


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