Bariatric diet menu

Bariatric patients must follow strict guidelines concerning protein, fat, sugar and overall calories.

Most of us, when having gastric sleeve or gastric band surgery, buy a book or two with bariatric recipes that suit the different diet stages we have to follow. Unfortunately, once we’ve been through the book once, we’ve tried all the recipes that look good to us and then the book goes on the shelf.

At Forever After Recipes, we have more than 150 gastric sleeve diet recipes in our collection and add new recipes every single week.

So if you’ve tried all the recipes which appeal to you this week, chances are there will be new appealing recipes next week!

You can also download all our recipes in PDF format in either metric or imperial measurements so you can create your own cookbook, to keep forever.

Recipes for Gastric Sleeve Pre-Op Diet

Recipes for Gastric Sleeve Post-Op Diet