What to eat after gastric sleeve

Once surgery is complete, patients must follow a strict gastric sleeve post-op diet. This generally consists of the following stages:

  • Stage one: Clear fluids
  • Stage two: Liquids
  • Stage three: Pureed foods
  • Stage four: Soft foods
  • Stage five: Solid foods (forever after).

The suitability of any gastric sleeve post-op diet recipes for you is therefore dependent upon which stage of the recovery process you are at, so it’s important to be clear about what you can and can’t eat. Please be sure to always follow any guidelines given to you by your dietician or surgeon on what to eat after gastric sleeve – and when it’s appropriate for you to progress between each stage.

The Clear Fluid Stage

Your post op gastric sleeve diet usually commences with clear fluids. Your much smaller, and very sensitive stomach will only be able to take a few little sips at a time, so it’s important to continue sipping throughout the day, to keep yourself hydrated and stave off constipation. Drinks of choice for the first part of your post op gastric sleeve diet include black tea or coffee, sugar free jelly, low calorie cordials, clear stock or broth and of course water.

The Liquid Stage

Next, we enter the liquids phase of the post op gastric sleeve diet. You can now include things like low fat milk, cloudy broths and soups, and the all important protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. You probably won’t be able to finish a whole shake in a day, but it’s important to keep trying. And remember to keep up your water! 

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Pureed food recipes for gastric sleeve

The diet after gastric sleeve usually progresses into pureed foods after your liquid phase. Because of your smaller stomach size, this generally involves consuming several smaller meals throughout the day with a focus on getting enough protein into your diet.

Hunger still hasn’t returned for most people by the time they reach this stage of the gastric sleeve diet, so some people actually struggle with remembering to eat at all! Your goal is to eat 60-70 grams or protein per day – which is harder than it sounds when following the gastric sleeve diet!

Variety can help you stay on track and so our pureed food recipes for gastric sleeve patients aim to provide as many options as possible. We also have lots of recipes which can go more than one way, so if you’re feeding a family, you can make a family meal and just puree a portion for yourself! Or, if you prefer, we have lots of make ahead ideas as well, so you can cook all your puree meals at once and freeze them.

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Soft foods gastric sleeve diet recipes

The reintroduction of soft foods into your gastric sleeve post-op diet, albeit quite gradually for the best outcome, enables much more choice while continuing the focus on high-quality and lean protein – and drinking lots of water.

Any food that can be easily mashed is a candidate for this third stage of the post gastric sleeve diet and you’ll likely have lots of small meals, continuing to aim to consume 60-70 grams of protein a day.

Most meals at this post-op gastric sleeve diet stage, include minced or ground meats or slow cooked meats with soft boiled vegetables and even some fruit!

(You should be noticing significant weight loss by now also)

Our soft foods recipes include recipes which you can adapt from family meals, or which you can make ahead and freeze.

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Bariatric recipes beyond the initial recovery

After the first stages of a gastric sleeve post-op diet, which usually lasts somewhere between five weeks and three months, you’re able to again each solid food.

The gastric sleeve operation is a tool for weight loss and certainly not a quick fix. For your weight loss to continue and to maintain your new, trimmer and healthier self, you need to continue to follow the gastric sleeve diet forever after.

Your stomach is now only very small, especially compared to what it once was – for this reason you want to make sure you follow the gastric sleeve diet and only put nutrient dense food into it. Don’t waste what little space you have! Continue with lean proteins, fresh, colourful vegetables, some fruits, nuts and whole grains. Definitely limit any simple and processed carbs to ensure your weight does not slowly creep back on.

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Gastric sleeve diet after one year

Your gastric sleeve diet after one year should be no different, however with the help of Forever After Recipes you’ll continue to have plenty meal options to help you stick to it and not derail your health and wellbeing. This is your forever after! So make the most of this decision you've made to turn your health around stick to the gastric sleeve diet (at least most of the time!)